Pelos' Page

So, you've probably read Ed's or Connie's pages, and have gotten the distinct impression that they run this place. Not so! They don't want to admit it, because of their all-too-human egos, but the real boss around here is yours truly. Why, without me, they wouldn't know when to go to sleep or wake up, or even eat! Without me, they'd probably starve to death.

I'm the only one who really knows what's going on. They have no motivation, either. Ed only has to get to the next room to do his job, but that's just too much effort for him. I have to help him out. And then he sits there staring at a box and uselessly petting a mechanical object for hour after hour, completely forgetting about the risks of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, and how they can be alleviated by petting only live felines! I've warned him time and time again. I have to go into his office to interrupt him so he'll stop and take those necessary one-minute breaks. If it wasn't for me, he'd be functionally disabled by now, and out of a job. They're lucky they have me around!

Some of my hobbies:

I have an indoor japanese-style clay pebble garden which I tend to daily, lovingly raking it into hypnotizing patterns. This is as much sculpture as gardening, as most of the best landscaping tends to be. Unfortunately, I'm limited to working at a very small scale. I have requested more space for the garden, but narrow-minded naysayers are telling me that a 18x24 inch garden should be enough. I move a little of the garden out of the box each day and am planning to take over whole rooms by liberating a bit at a time. Activist gardening -- fight the power!

I am also into fabric design. My medium is after-market manipulation of upholstry. I like to heighten the texture and 3D appeal of fabrics through careful manual application. No two designs of mine are the same! Some call me the Aubusson of this form of fabric artistry.

Birdwatching is a day-to-day fascination of mine. It's such a thrill to ID a nice songbird, especially while lounging inside comfortably on a windowseat or recambier. Some call me Audubon, for my careful attention to aviary detail.

I am very active in print and motion-picture appearances. I'm sure you've seen me. I played the little dog in the movie MASK; I do all the editorial shots and advertisements in Cat Fancy and Dog Fancy; I'm on just about every label in the ``Pet Foo'' aisle of your supermarket. Ed and Connie wonder where I hide all the money. I'll never tell.

I also love a good meal. -- All manner of fish, meats, and tomato products.

I have some pictures of myself for you to check out. I hope to get some more up, but I'll have to wait for Ed & Connie to take them and scan them. I'd do it myself, but Ed & Connie are better suited to such menial tasks. And it's difficult for me to use the scanning software, because I can never control the mouse. I get too excited!

If you're curious, you can find out what I do all day and why I let these people live with me. I guess that even though they make my life difficult, they really are kind of cute and fun to have around. Especially when they're sleeping.

If you want, drop me a line and let me know what you think of my page.

Note from Pelos' humans:
Pelos died on April 5, 1999 from cancer. He was a bit over a month shy of his sixteenth birthday. We miss him terribly; our house feels empty without him. No longer will we see him prowling from room to room, making sure that all is right with the world. No longer will he awaken us by nuzzling our faces in the morning. No longer will he curl up under the covers at night and purr contentedly. No longer will we hear his plaintive cries while we cook steak for dinner, or see him happily and ferociously gobble down his share while we eat ours. No longer will the kamakazie cat surprise us by leaping onto our bed and landing on our chests. No longer will we hear his inquisitive half-meow, half-purr as we awaken him from a nap. No longer will he lay on Ed's desk as he works, getting petted. No longer will we relax on the couch together, rubbing faces, him kneading our chests and us petting him as his purr vibrates our bodies. The blissful times Pelos shared with us are over. And while we are thankful for the time we had with him, and knew it would not last forever, our loss is none the less painful. He was a kind, and gentle, and patient, and loving friend.