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Edmund R. MacKenty, Proprietor

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MacKenty Software Services is a consulting firm specializing in the design and development of custom software systems. A computer professional since 1978, my experience runs the gamut from punch-card mainframes to multi-processor micros to embedded systems.

My primary skills are in distributed systems architecture and Internet technologies. I have designed and managed the development of extensible and scalable multi-server systems that control the real-time delivery of audio data for applications in the telephony and radio industries.

Besides acquiring my deep technical skills, I made sure that I also learned about business methods and became a decent writer. These abilities allow me to understand both the business and technical needs of my clients, and document projects so that everyone involved can understand them.

My core competencies, from general to specific topics, are:

  • Systems Architecture
  • Software Critiques
  • Internet Technologies
  • Software Development
  • UNIX
  • Documentation
  • Speech Recognition
  • Web Development
  • C++/C
  • SGML
  • XML
  • Audio

My resume provides a concise summary of my professional history.

I have my own development systems, and generally work remotely and upload my work to my client's systems. I am located in Watertown, MA (USA) and can perform on-site work anywhere in the greater Boston area.

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