An opening worthy of this little tale ...
I brought in this beautiful basket that I found on my porch. Breathtaking, isn't it?
Don't you just love a very fresh bouquet of Pansies?
My true love gave me this lovely bunch of eye-popping roses.
But a bee came along. Buzzy was more amusing than a threat.
We were playing a game, thinking we had excluded all jokers from wrecking our fun,
but then the Joker came to life and sailed about the room.
We took a path to the Tea party (quite large), but it was quite lively once we got there.
A sea dragon floated around in the shallows, blithly drifting up and down.
We looked into the water at night, and what do you think we saw, jetting all around, but mnemios!  
We climbed over a bunch of rocks being worn down by time until we were getting close to my surprise destination.
I took all my friends to a castle in the English Channel to ride the fantasy zipper!
There were some flying children in the house, Drew & Jessa zoomed and flittered all about.
A pumpkin there was really spooky, and had captured some children in its mouth, so they couldn't fly.
On our way back, the tide came in and we got all wet and so I had to dry them,
but there was something weird going down at the laundry.
Well, never mind that, we went home and played musical chairs.  

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